How to Save on Your Electric Bill During Winter

It’s the most wonderful of the year… or is it? Indeed, winter is the time of sweater weathers, holiday feasts, and gift-giving; but underneath all that lies a colder truth: your expenses will shoot up, most especially your electrical bill! 

So, how can you prepare for this? If you’re looking for tips and tricks to help lessen those digits on your dreaded electrical bill, you’ve come to the right place.  

Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Check your home for possible sources of draughts. Draughts are, in the simplest of terms, cold air; so any gaps and crevices such as windows, doors, and floors could bring draughts inside the home, allowing the warm air to escape and causing you to turn the heater up. An easy quick-fix for this would be to apply sealants, insulation strips, or even covering them up with rolled-up newspapers, towels, or blankets. 

However, never ever block your air vents! Air vents help circulate the warm air, so make sure they’re not blocked by furniture or anything else. 

  1. Start switching to LED lights. These types of light bulbs use 75% less energy. Not only are they energy-saving, but also cooler and cheaper. In the long run, they’ll be a worthwhile investment because even when it’s not wintertime, having them can still improve your electric consumption. What a win! 
  1. Insulate your home. Adding insulation to your pipes can help keep them from freezing and making the water less cold. This in turn will stop you from using the water heater every time. 
  1. Don’t keep appliances on standby. Appliances that are on standby are those that remain plugged all day- examples of these are the TV, radio, computers, and chargers. You’ll learn that strategizing your usage times and training yourself to turn them all the way off after using can make a huge difference. 
  1. Do your laundry wisely. When doing the laundry, heating the water is unnecessary. Use the cold water instead. Also, if you have the time, try minimizing your washing machine and drier use by hand washing your clothes.  
  1. Monitor your thermostat use. Or better yet, take note of the times during the day when you really need to use the thermostat, and schedule it to turn on during those times. Experimenting and seeing how much you can comfortably lower the temperature can help, too! 
  1. Use comfortable and warm clothes. That’s right- it’s time to bust out Grandma’s knitted sweaters, scarves, and gloves! Use any comfortable and warm clothing you have around the house. This is the cheapest way you can do to help conserve electricity! 
  1. Use rugs and socks. The feet are the body parts that are always in contact with the earth, so they’re naturally the first to get cold. Using rugs and socks not only help with insulation and keeping your feet cozy, but make for a cute Instagram post too! 
  1. Make the sun your friend. At times of the day when the sun is out, draw the curtains to soak all that heat and vitamin E in! 

Changing up your routine and sacrificing some conveniences is no easy task, we know! But as long as you set your mind to it, you’ll find yourself saving up cash in no time- with a few more to spare for some holiday gifts for yourself and your loved ones!