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Endless Energy

Warranty Services


Warranty Services


Remote Monitoring:

Endless Energy customers never have to worry about whether their systems are working correctly because we monitor every system we’ve installed remotely and are automatically notified if any issues arise.  We typically have any issues corrected before our customers even know that anything happened.

The equipment we use is purchased from Industry leading companies who certify and test in every possible scenario, and stand behind their products.  That said, a warranty is only as good as the company providing it and Endless Energy in turn, stands behind our customers to assist them in perfecting warranty claims for products or performance with the manufacturers whose products we've used.


Equipment Warranties


Solar Panels:

As solar panels contain no moving parts, barring hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, and children throwing rocks or coconuts, they are probably the least likely part of your solar photovoltaic system to give you any problems.  If you do have any problems, please rest assured that all of the solar panels sold by Endless Energy come with two Manufacturer’s warranties. 


Manufacturer’s Power Output / Performance Warranty will cover repairs for the panels, should their electricity production fall below a predetermined percentage of the panels’ rated capacity.  For instance, you would be covered in the case that your array output falls below 80% and the drop is due to a defect in the panels themselves (not due to a fault of the rest of the system, known as Balance of System or BoS).  Our output warranties are graduated, e.g. 83% of rated performance efficiency at year 25, and we show the difference in output every year on our estimates. The fact is, though, that panels should continue to produce electricity even after the warranty has expired, with most producing at a rate very close to the system’s nominal capacity.  We have examples of panels producing power after 40 years of continuous use and still going strong.


Manufacturer’s Product Warranty is also called a workmanship warranty, and is typically for 10 years or longer. The Product Warranty will cover the components that make up your system’s panels: the glass, laminate, backing, and possibly the silicon cells/wafers contained within if determined that there was a defect in the manufacturing process.



Endless Energy uses two types of Inverters depending on the type of system we’re installing.  We use Micro Inverters for On Grid systems which are connected to the grid.  These inverters carry a product warranty of 25 years covering almost every type of issue and comes direct from the manufacturer.

We also use String Inverters for Off Grid systems.  These inverters have a 10 year warranty which also cover virtually everything that can go wrong with the inverter.  The manufacturer even uses FEDEX to get parts or replacement products to our customers as fast as possible at no charge.  They are responsive and very helpful to all using their products.