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Endless Energy

How Solar Works




Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity.


Electricity is then passed into an inverter:

  • An Inverter is a device that converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC)
  • AC Current is the form of electricity that your home lights, air conditioning and appliances require to operate


AC Current is passed into your home electrical panel box or straight to the CUC Grid.

  • If your solar system sends the electricity to your electrical panel - you use whatever electricity your home requires and any excess goes to CUC for credit.
  • If your solar system sends power directly to CUC, they credit the full amount of your solar generated energy against your next bill.
  • No matter what type of connection you have - whenever there is a CUC power outage, your solar systems shuts down automatically.


Solar Monitoring

  • The Solar System is monitored by Endless Energy to ensure optimum performance
  • If the solar system is not performing at 100%, we are notified immediately so that steps can be taken to fix the problem before the owners ever know a problem existed.