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Endless Energy

Consulting & Design


Solar Consulting Services (Photovoltaic)

Endless Energy will help you integrate the best photovoltaic solar system into your facility.

We offer customized Solar Consulting Services for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and non-profit or not for profit entities. We specialize in providing the most energy efficient solar solution to meet your objectives. We begin by evaluating your requirements and then we generate a comprehensive, cost-effective solution which helps lower your operating cost, by dramatically reducing your electricity bill and reducing your facilities carbon footprint.


Our Solar Consulting Services can take your photovoltaic project from inception through to either off grid or utility interconnection. We help identify the best solar technology that fits your needs and budget. We offer a holistic approach to our Solar Consulting, which consists of; Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Consulting, and Financing. We provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time, which mitigates risks, reduces overall development cost, with giving you the greatest possible return on investment.

Our goal is to help our clients reduce overall energy consumption and operating costs.


Design Services


Flat Fee Professional Packages

Endless Energy will provide PE services or PE-sealed drawings, with local Solar PV professional engineering stamps and calculations inlcuded with our drawing packages.

  • Civil, Structural, Electrical,
  • Geo-Technical Calculations, letters, and affidavits
  • Stamps / Seals
Revision Control Included

We take the revision risk at no cost to you:

  • If or when  permitting offices, utility companies, inspectors, leasing companies, PE's, architects, etc. require additional details or information.  Endless Energy will stand behind the plans every step of the way until your job is done!
  • All revisions are already included in all flat-fee permit package pricing!
  • Response letters, clarifications, calculations, drawings, or corrections, as required to keep your project moving.
  • We keep the permitting offices happy with our professionalism, technical support expertise, and effective communication (via phone, drawings, emails, etc.).


Working with Endless Energy is simple and cost-effective.  Our Design Packages include the following:


Title Page
  • Sheet index
  • Governing Codes section
  • Vicinity map, parcel map, aerial view
  • Summary of work
PV Layout
  • Includes locations for all major components and equipment
  • Attachment point spacing
  • Conduit runs
  • Solar PV array location and dimensions
  • Anchoring Method
  • Elevation of attachment method (to roof or grade, depending on application)
  • Weather-proofing details (flashing, sealant, roof type, etc.)
  • Racking and mounting hardware
  • Foundation details (if applicable)
Wiring Diagram
  • 3-line wire diagram
  • Wire and conduit sizing
  • String / Branch circuit sizing for DC and AC systems
  • Grounding details
  • Interconnection method (breaker, line-side splice, subpanels, etc.)
  • All calculations per NEC shown explicitly (conduit fill, temperature coefficients, etc.) including voltage drop calculations
  • System specifications: max system voltage, operating voltage, max system current, operating current, for both DC and AC systems
  • Language and details for all required placards and directories, per the NEC
  • Specifications of placard physical sizes and allowable material
Specification Sheets
  • Solar Modules
  • Inverters
  • Racking