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Endless Energy

Jim Knapp and the Endless Energy team worked closely with us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce the cost of energy, and protect our employee’s vehicles. Its a win-win for all. They helped us reduce our electricity consumption by showing us how much we were using on a circuit by circuit basis. This allowed us to make the changes necessary in lighting and air conditioning long before even considering solar.

Barry McQuain

Barry McQuain, CEO Dr. Roys Solar Car Park

We’ve decided to work with Endless Energy on all of our Renewable Energy development projects. Jim Knapp is truly a pioneer in solar energy for the Cayman Islands and his company Endless Energy has demonstrated that they possess the knowledge, experience and skills to complete what they start. Together with our electrical team, they’ve installed the largest commercial and residential solar systems in the Cayman Islands and also the smallest.

Matthew Wight

Matthew Wight, Managing Director The NCB Group